Eco Driving



Saving money is very fashionable currently for businesses and consumers alike.

With petrol prices high in the UK and tax rises more probable than tax cuts,
motorists are looking more economial vehicles when, in reality, they could
save money with a more economical driving style. Here, we outline some simple but effective measures that could easily save the average motorist over £250pa.

  • Anticipate traffic conditions so as to avoid harsh acceleration followed by heavy braking. If you concentrate on driving smoothly you will become more safe and more economical.
  • Use gradients wisely. When going  downhill, remain in gear but come off the accelerator early – a modern engine will shut down the fuel supply as you roll down the hill.
  • Change to a higher gear earlier – and certainly change gear by 2500rpm. Keep revs as low as you can without labouring the engine.
  • Stick to speed limits.85mph on uses about 25% more fuel than 70mph. And it’s illegal.
  • Reduce fuel consumption by switching off the aircon and satnav, removing the unnecessary roof rack and taking the unnecessary heavy items out of the boot!
  • Keep tyre pressures correct to avoid drag.
  • Plan your journey to avoid traffic jams, busy periods and road works. In fact, ask yourself if the journey is actually necessary in the first place.